Black Forest Capital, LLC is a private, alternative investment fund that provides innovative debt, equity and hybrid financing options for small-to-medium sized public companies in need of either growth capital or relief from past-due liabilities. 

     Our contrast with the industry lies in our drive to conduct business at a higher ethical standard by working closely with the executives in our portfolio to understand their business needs, building a solid foundation of commitment and trust.

     We invest across all sectors and industries, including alternative energy, technology, business and personal services, cannabis, and discretionary retail. Our long-term plans include expanding to several international markets and entering new tiers of the capital raising process.

      Whether we are helping maintain the capital requirements of an emergent company’s R&D program, financing inventory, retiring debt, providing expertise or helping a new management team navigate the capital markets, at Black Forest we are determined to simultaneously invest wisely and help public issuers with real potential strategically leverage their equity in order to grow or renew their business.